The best tool for a start up

Why the explainer video is the best promotional tool for your start up

Everybody knows that a start up has a lot to explain and not much money to do it with. We also experienced this, so we are well aware that in the early days the budget available for advertising is limited. What is needed is a communications tool with the best possible cost/efficiency ratio. Our objective here is to show how the explainer video is the best option for getting your new business noticed out there.

Explain your idea in a few seconds

Elevator Pitch

Have you heard of the “Elevator Pitch”. It’s the name given to the presentation of your business proposal in the most rapid, concise and motivating manner – as if you had inadvertently bumped into a possible investor in a lift. Get it? Well, this is one of the many virtues of the explainer video; in a few seconds (we recommend a duration of no more than a minute and a half) it allows you to put forward your idea in a way that is attractive, extremely didactic and memorable. It is vital to synthesise. Difficult, but very important – just as in an “Elevator Pitch”.

Boost your sales

According to the digital analysis company comScore, videos have a direct impact on sales. In a study carried out by them it was shown that online store visitors were 64% more likely to make a purchase after having seen a video. Explanatory videos are a first class selling tool.

Google will reward you

Get this. On average, visitors to web pages which use videos spend 2 minutes more at the site than they do at those that do not use videos. If you add to this the fact that Google raises the ranking of pages with a high ratio of visitor permanence and that have a correspondingly low rebound, the conclusión is obvious: explainer videos affect SEO positively. In addition, your video can be placed on YouTube which is, as you know, the second largest search engine on the net. Without doubt, videos improve your visibilty to people who are out there looking for something.

Brand building

Herramientas de construccion

The name explainer video may be misleading. Just because it is called explainer doesn’t mean that its sole function is to inform or sell. An explainer video, with its colours, typography, people, music… above all its facility for storytelling, all the audiovisual tools it deploys help to enhance the brand of your company. An explainer video is a communicative link for your company and as such can (and does) help boost your brand. And, of course, it is vital that this video or videos should be totally customised, tailor made for your market.

A great ROI

Taking the above into consideration, you won’t be surprised that 52% of marketing executives consider the explainer video to have the most important ROI as a content marketing tool (return over investment).

So, maybe you are starting a business and your budget is limited. You still need to explain your idea, who you are and what you do. As we have shown here, the explainer video is the best tool available in order to get out there and make yourself known. Finally, we show here one that we did precisely for a start-up:

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