What is Visual Speech?

Visual Speech is a Barcelona agency that is expert in visual content. We're pioneers in Spain in the creation of animated explainer videos and infographics, which are perfect tools for Content Marketing and Inbound Marketing.

Advantages of Visual Speech

At Visual Speech, we take our inspiration from the theory of Visual Thinking: pictures are more powerful than words. Pictures capture the attention, generate interest, facilitate understanding and increase recall. People remember 10% of what they hear, 20% of what they read and 80% of what they see.

Uses of Visual Speech

Visual Speech’s explainer videos and infographics are particularly useful for: Online videos. Corporate videos. Video Marketing. Content Marketing and Inbound Marketing. E-learning. Tutorials. Learning and follow-up from a tutorial, for example, is 300 times greater if there are pictures to go with the text.

Some examples of our explainer videos

Explainer video: UAB Research Park (Eng)


UAB Research Park

GetBag. Enjoy your trip baggage free



T-16 Barcelona Transport Card


Com obtenir la T-16

The Rheumatoid Arthritis


Carátula vídeo Artritis Reumatoide

Can-ID, dog identification expert (Eng)

Explainer video


Mobilee by Bioiberica (Eng)

Explainer Video


ACME Fight against Fraud (Eng)

Explainer Video


Col·legi de Metges 1 (Eng)

Explainer Video

Caratula video explicativo Col·legi de Metges. Atenció a la Dependència.

VC Advisors (Eng)

Explainer Video


Nit de Sant Joan (Eng)

Explainer Video

La nit de Sant Joan

It’s a Mathematical World (Eng)

Explainer Video


Complices Editorial (Eng)

Explainer Video


Catalunya Caixa (Eng)

Explainer Video

Jordi Labanda_ESP

And here's a sample of our infographics

Infographic Advantix (Eng)


Carátula Advantix

Infographic Seresto (Eng)



Mobilee Infographic (Eng)



Anatomy of Visual Content Marketing


Caratula anatomia ingles

Col·legi de Metges de Barcelona (Eng)



Bayer How to Invoice (Eng)



What they think of us

The quality of their work was fantastic. I would not hesitate to work with them again or recommend their services. Their explainer video has been the most effective element in autopromotion we have ever had. Victor Sevillano Founding member - VC Advisors

The video that The Visual Speech made for us presents the essence of the Arthrotest service to perfection and helps us to convey it to the patient in an easy and simple manner. Mar Cid Marketing Director Human Health
 - Bioiberica

Chosing to work with The Visual Speech was an outstanding descision. Their professionality, creativity and service went far beyond our expectations from start to finish. Alex García & Josep Carles Herrera Executive Director & Manager - Aerobús

At The Visual Speech they are fast, responsible, flexible and know their business perfectly. They are true specialists in the production of explainer videos. Working with them was a fantastic experience. Erik Ribé Head of Brand Management & Advertising - Abertis

Sharing an Accounting department work methodology internationally by using Visual Speech has been welcomed everywhere because of its didactic, innovative and above all effective manner of explaining a complex narrative. Marc Ferré Head of Department - Global Service Delivery Manager Accounts Payable - Bayer

The Visual Speech has put together several projects using the technique of the explainer video. Due to this we have had thousands of visits to our YouTube channel. The word that best describes it is “engagement”. Laia Soldevila Brand Manager Seresto – Bayer

Thanks to The Visual Speech we were able to explain one of our economic promotion projects to both public opinion and Communications media in a simple and didactic manner. And in record time! Luchy Miquel Barcelona Metropolitan Area Comunication Manager

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  • Alex Ripollès Alex Ripollès Creative Director
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  • Benet Ferrer Benet Ferrer illustrator
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